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Legislation brought into force on 26th April 2014 introduces many changes to the world of mortgage advice. Whether you live in Cardiff or in the UK, you’ll be affected in some way.

The Financial Conduct Authority have instigated these changes - via the Mortgage Market Review - to ensure people obtain mortgages more responsibly.

So what does it mean for you?

The new rules mean that all lenders will have to ask more questions and stress test your affordability before they can authorise your mortgage.

In some cases clients will not meet the new criteria. 

We can give advice at a meeting in our office, over the phone or by email.

Having advice from a Trusted Mortgage Broker is now more important than ever to guide and advise you through what is becoming a more complex process.

Our client reviews give independent views of our company.

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Mortgage Strategy

Neil Soundy was proud to be selected as a judge for the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2015.

"The judging panel will consist of top-level experts who have been selected to cover the breadth of the industry"